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We'll show you a totally new inventing method
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For Independent Inventors and
Corporate Design Engineers

Quantum Inventing shows you how to create saleable inventions.  Quantum Inventing pulls back the curtain on inventing in a changing world.

For example: Find out what university and company R&D groups, operating in the stealth mode, are working on.

This inventing method is not a variation on traditional inventing.

Quantum Inventing
Traditional Inventing
focuses on a quantum of information   focuses on a specific problem
is target inventing and relates to a specific product line    is inspirational inventing and relates to a specific problem
can result in a multiple set of ideas     results generally in only one idea
has a significant probability of being licensed   is a long shot for reaping any inancial reward

The Quantum Inventing Method
Defines a totally new inventing framework.

  • Shows how to find and use public information as a base for your inventing efforts,
  • Explains and provides examples of a process called TPM that acts on a quantum of information,
  • Results in your generating new insights that can lead to saleable inventions.

For Business Consultants and
Engineering/Technology Managers

From a business strategy point of view, you need to know

  • how Quantum Inventing can significantly impact the patent portfolio valuation of your start-up, small, medium, or large company,
  • how to test a patent’s vulnerability to a design-around.

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